Certified Reiki Master &
Manifestation Practitioner

The World is in turmoil. Allow me to heal yours.

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for healing services

Our virtual sessions are offered worldwide from 12pm to 8pm Eastern US Time

Sessions take place in private Google Meet video rooms

Meet Lorin

Author, Reiki Master Distance Healer Specialist, Real Manifestation Practitioner and your connection to Gaia and God.

From a young age, Lorin has known of her abilities and now wants to put them to work to make the world a better place for everyone.

Latest Book:
My Rainbow Soul - available in paperback or kindle

Reiki Master Healer
Reiki Distance Healing Specialist
Divine Fire Reiki Grand-Master
Animal & Pet Reiki Healer
Advanced Chakra Healer
Real Manifesting Practitioner
Crystal Energy Healer
Color & Art Energy Healer
Meditation Guide
Standard First Aid


What our customers are saying:

"I was completely blown away and speechless at the end of my session...I literally felt like a new person as soon as the session was done like I was completely rebirthed. I felt so good and the days following that I had come completely forgotten how I was previously feeling like it had never happened."

"In my first distance healing session a major blockage in my root chakra was removed, I physically felt the moment the energy blockage released and left my body... This is the first time I have felt grounded since I can remember!! During the session, even my dog who was in the room became incredibly comfortable and relaxed (not common for him)!...She is knowledgeable and can see and feel energies beyond the veil that will provide you with divine guidance and wisdom on your path. "

 Products / Partners that Pair with Our Services

Mishelay Designs

The presence of crystals can greatly enhance any Mighty Soul sessions, not to mention your life!

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Astral Alchemy 313

Shop specializing in beautiful Andara crystals which help to cleanse and clear energy. They help the holder bring their consciousness to a higher frequency by use of monoatomic properties.

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About Mighty Retreat 

The World is in Turmoil. Allow me to heal yours. Our mission is to make the world a better place by collecting donations and supporting small, impactful charities that align to our values.

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