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Introductory Session


 USD Per Session

    90 Minutes

    Introductory session is used to discuss the manifestation process, establish a target & plan of action
Follow-Up Session


USD Per Session

    30 Minutes

    Manifestation requires consistency. Follow-Up sessions help to answer questions and check-in on progress
Manifestation Package 


USD Per 4 Sessions

    (1) 90 Minute Session
    (3) 30 Minute Session

    To maximize success, this package includes the introduction & three follow-ups at a discounted rate
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We are happy to arrange any other type of service. Just send us a request at and we will come up with a custom service meant just for you!

Meet Lorin

Author, Reiki Master Distance Healer Specialist, Real Manifestation Practitioner and your connection to Gaia and God.

From a young age, Lorin has known of her abilities and now wants to put them to work to make the world a better place for everyone.

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My Rainbow Soul - available in paperback or kindle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Manifestation is not just positive thinking. Did you know the most powerful machine in the world is between our two ears? Manifesting is in our DNA. We live an orderly existence, life isn’t random and manifestation helps us tap into the orderly intelligence.

Consider a saber tooth tiger, and two cavemen. Both cavemen start running. One caveman thinks, “Where is the exit?”. The Other caveman thinks, “I am going to die.”. Which caveman do you think survives? It is the one with enough cunning to see the escape route rather than focus on the fear brought on by the situation.

An introductory manifestation session is a mixture of education, planning and meditation. Whisper will help you understand the theories behind manifestation, then work with you to set specific, realistic goals. Manifestation does not happen overnight. It requires habits, and often rewiring the way in which you think of certain things. Whisper will provide some materials to help you track your progress after the session, and work through various examples of what you should be doing on a daily basis. This will include some meditation exercises to help you get in the proper mindset.

Because of the focus and consistency required for successful manifestation, we strongly recommend scheduling weekly check-ins. During these sessions, Whisper will review your habit tracking with you and help reinforce any necessary theory or practice required.

For an introductory session come prepared to learn. Have a pad and paper or computer to take notes on. Be sure to check the email you use when booking an appointment as you will receive some materials as well - one of which we strongly recommend printing out. Because meditation may be involved, join from a quiet, comfortable place with no distractions or interruptions. Because this is a 90-minute session, it will be perfectly ok if you need to take a quick break during the session.

If you have experience in manifesting either with us, or another guide we would be happy to support you through follow-up sessions; however, there is certain knowledge and materials we want to ensure you are comfortable with. For that reason, please reach out to us with details at with details of your experience and what you hope to accomplish. We will work via email to arrange an appropriate path for you that ensures success.

Please feel free to ask us anything by email at You can also engage with us directly through any of our social media links at the bottom of the page.

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The World is in Turmoil. Allow me to heal yours. Our mission is to make the world a better place by collecting donations and supporting small, impactful charities that align to our values.

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